1966-1971 Studies at the Academy of Arts, Sofia, specialty “Graphics and Book Illustration”

Since 1971 Creative-artistic work in the field of: graphics, illustration, painting, ceramics, sculpture
Lithography in Budapest, 1967
Relief printing in Moscow, 1970
Book design in Leipzig, 1980
Since 1976 Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists
1976-1985 Contributor to the Bulgarian National Radio and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, section “Art Studies”
1985-1991 Freelance artist
1991-1996 Teaches “History of Fine Art” at the Italian Lyceum, Sofia
1996 Defends PhD dissertation “Compositional Problems of Representation in Bulgarian and Greek Painting and Graphics in the 1920s and 1930s”, Sofia
1997 “The Ethical Ideas of B. Spinoza and the Art of Rembrandt”, a research work conferring him academic rank
Since 1997 Teaches Art History at the University of Shumen “Bishop Konstantin Preslavski”
Since 1990 Establishes and leads “Laboratory for Semiotics and Iconography” under the Centre of Typology, University of Shumen
1999 An international panel of judges at the University of Milan awards him the title “Professor in Morphology of Art Forms”. Lectures and conducts specialised courses in Italy, Germany and Greece
2004 Creation of “Studio 129 for Inventions in Art Practice”
2010 Is awarded the Doctor of Art Studies degree and Professorship for his work Projections of the Sacred in the Art of Balkan Artists of the 1920s – 1940s”

Themes of Exhibitions and Projects (A Selection)
2000 Synergy “The Drop” – a synthesis of ceramics and music for violin, oboe and flute. “Shipka 6” Gallery, Sofia
2001   “Serdariat” – Graphic cycle, dedicated to Gr. Pyrlichev, Ohrid
2002   “Musical Variations” (after Pancho Vladigerov’s cycle “Shumen”) – mixed technique. Heidelberg
2003 “On Silver Wings I Shall Fly…” (R. M. Rilke) – pictorial cycle, Manheim
2004 “Polyphonies” – drawings, water-colour. Oftersheim Gallery
2004 “The Life of St. Methodius” – graphic and pictorial cycle. Ellwangen, Vienna
2005 “Songs of Orpheus”, polyptych. “9 + 1” Project, National Palace of Culture, Sofia
2006 “Sanctified Encounters” – pictorial cycle. Berlin
2006 “The Gospel of John” – pictorial cycle. Providenz-Kirche, Heidelberg
2007 “In Memory of El Greco” – pictorial cycle. Pyrgos
2008 “Mystical Holiday”, triptych in the Himerod cathedral, Germany
2009 “On the Way to Paradise” – pictorial cycle. Kulturforum, Passau
2010 “The Seed of the Wave” – pictorial cycle, Passau
2010 “Twelve Glimpses at Virgin Mary” – pictorial cycle, Himerod
2011 “Three Alphabets – One Dialogue” – pictorial cycle. Commemorating the 625th anniversary of the University in Heidelberg
2011 “To Enter the Studio” – painting, “Shipka 6” Gallery, Sofia
2011 “To Touch the Words” – painting, drawings. “The Red House” Gallery, Sofia
2012 “A Day for Resurrection”, “E. Karamihailova” Gallery, Shumen
2013 “Hans Egon Wörlen” series – painting, “Water Museum”, Passau
2014 “Musical Scores for the Heart” – painting. Oftersheim
2014 “Optophonochromes” – pictorial cycle. Kongresshaus, Heidelberg


Numerous publications in the field of: theory, philosophy and history of art and culture, iconography and iconology, European artistic dialogue: the Balkans and Europe in the 20th century. For example:
Paskalevski, S., M. Tietze, R. Zlatanova. 9 + 1 Katalog zur Ausstellung anlässlich des X. SALON DES ARTS 2005 im Kulturpalast, Sofia. München, 2005.
Паскалевски, Сп. (изд.). Сборник. Диалог и духовност, т. І. София 2006.
Паскалевски, Сп., Р. Златанова. Родът Парис Паризови. София 2006.
Paskalevski, S. Die Vita des hl. Methodius. München 2006, zweisprachig bulgarisch und deutsch, mit zahlr. Abb.
Паскалевски, Сп. Проекции на сакралното в изкуството на балканските художници от 20-40-те години на ХХ век. Диалог и духовност, т. ІІ. София, 2008.
Paskalevski, Sp. Sakraler Raum und modellierende Zeichensysteme. B: Bulgarien in Himmerod. Hrsg. von Abt Bruno Fromme, Rumjana Zlatanova. München, 2008, 181-211.
Paskalevski, Sp., F. Mekelburg, K. Mekelburg. Worte, Bilder, Töne. Paradoxa und Sarkasmen. Dialog i duchovnost, t. ІІІ. Sofia 2009.
Paskalevski, S. Triptychon Mystisches Fest. Hl. Benedikt und die hll. Kyrill und Method in Himmerod. Dialog i duchovnost, т. ІV. Sofia, 2010.
Paskalevski, Sp., R. Zlatanova. Auf Terpsichores Schwingen. Die Ballerina Emilia Andonova. Dialog i duchovnost, t. V. Sofia, 2011.
Paskalevski, Sp. Tag der Auferstehung. Sofia, 2012.
Paskalevski, Sp., R. Zlatanova. Klangwelten. Der Dirigent Yordan Kamdzhalov. Dialog i duchovnost, t. VІ. München-Berlin-Washington D.C. 2014.

Papers at international symposia in Bulgaria and abroad

One-man exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad: Sofia, Vienna, Paris, Berlin, Magderburg, Dresden, Warsaw, Gemona, Ohrid, Moscow, Athens, Amaljada, Heidelberg, Ellwangen, Oftersheim, Manheim, Ehingen, Altrip, Himerod, Dusseldorf, Passau and others.

Regular participation in the annual National Exhibitions in Bulgaria (1971-1990).

Participation in the Biennales of Graphics: 1981-2001 Varna, 1983-1989 Berlin, 1987 Barcelona, 1993 Paris,1993 Maastricht, 1993-1995 Kanagawa, 1995, 1997 Krakow

Participation in the Triennales of Graphics: 1999 Krakow, Kanagawa, 2000 Cairo

Participation in representative expositions of Bulgarian art abroad: Europe, USA, Kuwait, Syria, Egypt, India, Japan, Mexico, Cuba, Peru, China, Lithuania, Estonia, Cyprus.

1996 Distinction for creative inventions of the University of Milan (Italy)
1998 Award for the project “Canova and Leopardi”
1999 Bearer of the Silver Sign of the city of Gemona (Italy) – for contribution to culture and art
2000 Diploma of His Holiness Maxim, Patriarch of Bulgaria
2005 Special Award of X Salon of the Arts, National Palace of Culture, Sofia